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There are presently no open calls for submissions.

August 10-12, 2018

Vintage Theatre is currently accepting submissions of new, full-length comedic plays for The New Comedy Play Festival, a showcase of staged readings August 10-12, 2018. The purpose of our event is to bring together strong theatrical voices and explore the scripts in depth. Six selected scripts will be presented to the public as staged readings and ONE will be chosen to premiere in Vintage Theatre's 2019 season. The staged readings will have a director and cast assigned from our Vintage Theatre community.

Submission period will be February 1 - April 30.

All correspondence will be through Submittable. No phone calls please. Do not mail or drop off hard copies of scripts.


  • Send a PDF of your full-length comedic play.
  • A $10 fee for each script is required. 
  • Include a title page containing the title of your play, your name, and your contact information.
  • Provide a synopsis including relevant information such as casting requirements, genre, plot, imagined technical requirements, etc.
  • Provide a biography and a resume.
  • Any style of comedy such as farce, satire, domestic, comedy of manners, comedy of ideas will be accepted. Ultimately, if it reads as a comedy, we will consider it. If it doesn't, we won't. Please be advised of this when you consider submitting.
  • The play may not have been previously produced.
  • Full-length plays only.
  • Musical comedies will be accepted.
  • Plays for children will not be considered.
  • All scripts are judged on their current merit - not their potential. As such, it is to your utmost advantage to send a polished copy of your script, not a first draft.
Thank you for your interest in Vintage Theatre! We look forward to your submissions.

Vintage Theatre Productions